The 78 mile route is literally the pinnacle and high point of the Tour de Blount and is the most advanced route. We affectionately call it “The Wall Route” and it includes our “Conquer the Wall” challenge. “The Wall” is a 6 mile climb on Montvale Road which takes riders up the Western Side of the Foothills Parkway. The climb allows riders to measure themselves as the road climbs and becomes a 13-14% climb during the last 1.5 mile. Riders will be greeted by bell-ringers, photographers, and a well-deserved rest stop at the top.

In 2015, the TdB initiated the “Climb the Wall” challenge with the King and Queen of the Mountain being awarded to the first male and female rider to reach the top of “The Wall”. The Wall is is a 6 mile climb on Montvale Road that seems easily attainable until the last 1.5 miles of the climb. Steep climbing and low gears accompany those brave enough to ascend “The Wall.” At the request of cyclists, the Tour de Blount has added a Master’s and Grandmaster’s category in addition to the overall champions for KOM/QOM for 2018. “Are you cyclist enough?”

The 54 mile route comes in as our intermediate route and consists of a lot of short hills with a few flats appearing at times. This route takes us deeper into the county for a tour with vistas of the mountains and then into some gentle roads through farmland.

The 42 mile riders head off in a different direction than the other 3 routes. It’s full of country roads (and a busy one you must cross – be careful!) and beautiful scenery. Don’t be deceived by the short mileage – its full of rolling hills and fast descents. You’ll enjoy the view of the mountains and farmland on this route!

The 25 mile route is our shortest, flattest route, which makes it perfect for the beginner rider or those short on time. Riders have the option of beginning this out and back route on Highway 321 or on a more leisurely pace down the Townsend Greenway for about 5 miles. At that point riders will take a scenic ride on River Road to the rest stop and turnaround. Riders will have the option of adding a hilly 5 mile loop on the return trip. This route includes a steep climb, but walking is always allowed!

Please click the image to download the cue sheet. All routes are included.

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